Hi, welcome to my new blog for my personal photography projects.

I am in the process of rebuild this website from scratch so please bear with me while I (slowly) add words and images.

The first of these are the ‘proof of concept’ shots I have made for my college project: ‘Isolation’

By way of introduction, the first image is of me:

I plan to add more information and record my thoughts and progress as I work on my project.

I have added in the text for the background on my project that I am giving to the parents who agree to participate.

Unfocussed Parenting by Bethany and Sophie’s Dad


I am currently undertaking the SCE Higher Photography Course at Glasgow Clyde College and have to produce a project for submission to the exam board.

The topic of my project is Isolation Vs Solitude. I’m a stay at home dad and a self-employed photographer and have been looking at ways to convey the positive and negative sides to this. I enjoy the solitude of being out for a walk or a bike ride (on the rare occasions that happens) and the process of taking photographs. 

At the same time working at home by myself and being a (mostly) stay at home dad often leaves me feeling isolated. This feeling of isolation is fairly common among parents, especially those who do not go out to work or are still on maternity/paternity leave. 

Attending various classes with my daughters on a regular basis I meet and talk to other parents (and grandparents) but rarely get to know their names. More often than not we’ll refer to each other by out relationship to the children: ‘Bethany and Sophie’s Dad’, ‘Oscar’s Mum, etc. etc. It can feel like losing part of your identity. 

The Big Idea

As part of my college project I would like to take head and shoulder portraits of 12 parents captioned with the relationship to their child or children. The caption is to be written on a note pad and in sharp focus but the parents face will be out of focus. The location for the portraits are to be pre-arranged and I will set up a seamless paper backdrop and lights.

The participants will each be asked to sign a release form and will receive an A4 sized printed image of themselves and/or their children in return for their participation.

The venue for each shoot will be prearranged with each participant.  

Thanks, Kiain

Email: kiain@me.com

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